The Yoga Local APP

All your practices, trainings, meditations, teachings - all the time. Now available as an APP.

Why You Should Join Us

The Yoga Local APP supports daily practice on-the-go and is a pretty special place made up of amazing people who connect through the teachings of traditional, lineage based Tantric Hatha Yoga and their curiosity to dig into who they are, what they want and how to show up fully present for their one incredible life.

  • We assemble yogis seeking meaningful practices and teachings, not a gym membership. Our ideal member is done treading water with just more classes.
  • They want to be inspired to push themselves towards spiritual and personal growth. To work hard, to study, to practice. To do what needs to be done AND.. oh yeah...REST!
  • They want solitude that’s not lonely and they want community.
  • They want a set of skills that they can access at all times to refresh and enrich their toolkits so that practice stays interesting and relevant to their ever-changing life and body.
  • A  virtual place that recognises that we don’t get as far on our own as when we come together to achieve something.

What You Will Get

  • The convenience of online with the depth and nuance of practices that will be truly impactful in life.
  • Hours of opportunity to incorporate the subtle practices into visceral living experiences.
  • The sweetness of connecting with students and fellow teachers who we may never have the pleasure of meeting in person.
  • The opportunity to make the transition from freshly enthusiastic practitioner to a ‘going steady’ student.
  • Teachings that go beyond standard classes to reveal the vast body of knowledge Yoga provides.
  • Classes that delve into sequencing, energy, mind mastery, philosophy, bandha, pranayama, mudra and mantra.
  • The opportunity to continue deepening our relationship with yoga through inspired practice and study.

A Few Things That Make This Space Special

  • We've got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that's all our own.
  • We've got Topics and Groups to organise your activity, Search to find what you're looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favourites.
  • You can direct message. You can also post and have threaded conversations.
  • You can take part in virtual sessions and events.
  • We can keep all our conversations and messaging going before, during, and after our in person and other special events.
  • If and when you want them, you can also join smaller groups and/or our own online courses and challenges to help you grow your practice.

In other words, we've chosen a spot designed to grow with you over time.

It's Time To Do Things a New Way

We're creating something special with The Yoga Local APP. We share generously, we are quick to support other members, and there is no trolling, self-promotion, or judgement. We're doing something different here. We'd love you to be part of it.